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Just become an official Youth Ambassador and lead discussions about Information Society issues

Anyone who is interested can become a Youth Ambassador. You just need to:

  • Fill in the application form
  • Attach a 30-second video that you would like to show us about yourself and your motivation

Enjoy the benefits of becoming a Youth Ambassador:

  • Share your views and tell your story to other young people and Information Society leaders
  • Lead the exchange of knowledge and views in your region
  • Get updates on Information Society-related issues that are important to you

Enrolment Form – Youth Ambassador to the Youth IGF

Please provide us with the following information. All fields are mandatory.

NOTE: Once we receive your enrolment form, it will be presented to the TaC International Board. Once the enrolment form is approved, you will receive a welcome letter and certificate stating that you have become an official Youth Ambassador to the Youth IGF.

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