Inês Lopes

Game Designer


Hello! My name is Inês Lopes (25 years old) and I’m from Covilhã (Portugal).

I’m one of the founders of 93bits Studio, where I work with Design, Development, UX and Creative.

I graduated in Computer Science and Engineering in 2015 at Universidade da Beira Interior (Covilhã, Portugal). I recently graduated in the Master’s Degree of Game Design and Development, also at Universidade da Beira Interior, where I developed many projects, including a game prototype for the Master’s final project – “Game for Cyber Crime Prevention”.

Inês Lopes


Game Design

Game Conception and Level Design

Game Development

Good knowledge in Game Engine Technology


Programming skills in C, C#, Java and Phyton; Good knowledge in Android technology

3D and Animation

Knowledge in 3D Creation and Animation technology

Creation of 2D Assets

Animation 2D, User Interface Components and 2D Concept Art

Video Editing

Knowledge Video Editing Technology

Other Digital Skills

Basic programming skills in HTML, XML, PHP and Visual Basic; Basic database programming in SQL Server; Basic knowledge in Linux technology


Native Portuguese, Fluent in English, Basic User of French, Spanish and German