93bits Studio is a business devoted to develop videogames and interactive solutions, hosted at PARKURBIS, Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Covilhã in Covilhã, Portugal. Our team is passionate about creating videogames and about taking videogame mechanics and use it to create engaging solutions. If you have questions or would like to discuss an opportunity to work together, contact us.

What we do

Gamified Applications

Using gaming mechanics, we can provide your business an application (Android/iOS) that encourages the participation, engagement and loyalty of your customers, users, employees or partners.


Example Application Cases: Performance Management, Sales Motivation, Tourism Tool, Teaching


As game developers, we believe that videogames should provide a new, fun and rewarding experience to the player.

We develop games for PC and for mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

Example Application Cases: Tourism Tool, Teaching, Creative Game Idea

Outsourced Development Solutions


Outsourcing the development elements of your projects is one of the solutions to allow your business to focus on your long–term goals.

We provide services that can help you stay focused on your goals while maintaining your projects excellence.

Other Interactive Solutions

Interactive Solutions like a mobile application or a website are efficient platforms to interact with your customers, users or employees.

We develop Interactive Solutions like mobile applications and websites to reinforce your business platforms.

Our Team

Gonçalo Fonseca

Programming, UI and Creative

Design, Development, UX and Creative

What have we been working on?

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors try to build a safe haven to call home. They must gather supplies, develop their base and carefully chose who to trust while surviving through never-ending hordes of zombies… Before one of those hordes becomes A Horde Too Many!

We recently joined Digitality Studios on the the development of the game A Horde Too Many. 93bits Studio showcased the game at the GameDev area at Comic Con Portugal 2018. 


Mobile Application with Image Recognition that provides multimedia information about Urban Art.

  • contact@93bits.com
  • (+351) 965 040 380
  • 93bits, Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Covilhã, 6200-865 Covilhã Portugal

Thank you for visiting the 93bits Studio website.

For any questions or to discuss an opportunity to work together, feel free to get in touch.

Together, we can make your idea come true!

93bits Studio was one of the winners of the first edition of the contest Bolsas+ by REBSE.

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